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Pre Nail Polish Prep
  • Shorter Nails are very neat and have less area to chip. All colours look great on short or long nails
  • Any oil or lotion on your nails will stop the nail polish from adhering to your nails, so make sure your nails are clean of all debris, you donít want bumpy messy nails. You will also run the risk of your polish not bonding to your nail and peeling off in a day or two.
  • If polish has separated, roll the bottle between your hands to mix it, you donít want to shake it because it can cause air bubbles in the bottle and on your nails.
  • Even if you're in a rush a specially formulated base coat gives coloured polish something to stick to so it lasts longer.

    Application tips
  • Wipe one side of the nailbrush against the neck of the bottle to ensure excess polish is removed. Then sweep the brush up the length of the nail in thin coats. Thick coats of polish bubble and peel.
  • Giving polish some time to dry before applying a second coat allows the first coat to form a better bond to the nail. The second coat will then bond to the first.
  • When applying polish, sweep a bit across the edge and under the nail tip. This "wraps" the end, minimizing chipping.
  • It's the number-one way to ensure your manicure lasts-Sweep on a protective topcoat daily to increase your nail polish's staying power.
  • Usually at least two coats of color is recommended, but apply more or fewer coats as you wish. The more coats you apply, the more intense the final color will be.

    Nail Polish Longevity
  • Old nail polish changes consistency and becomes thick and gloppy. If you put on thick coats it will peel off and chip a lot easier. Throw out your old nail polish.
  • Use rubber gloves when you're washing dishes, or cleaning. Try to keep showers to a quick 10-15 minutes.
  • Quick chip fix: lightly rub a small q-tip with nail polish remover on it over the chip to smooth its edges. Then apply a coat of polish and a topcoat.

    If your nails are becoming yellowed because of not using base coat try scrubbing them with a mixture.
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